Friedman Attendance Update #3

Good morning Mr. Halliday —

Please find attached correspondence from Ocean City Fairness in Taxes (FIT) regarding Dr. Matthew Friedman’s attendance record while Superintendent.

Consider this update #3 on his attendance record.

Please note as a result of this letter and another discovery of an attendance record discrepancy, according to FIT calculations, Dr. Friedman owes the district approximately $4,350 for exceeding his contractual vacation leave allowance by 5.5 days.

Dr. Friedman failed to show up to work on Friday, June 30, 2023, and failed to once again record the absence. 

In addition, FIT expresses concern over the manner in which Dr. Friedman held district property as “hostage” in an attempt to influence the vacation buy out process. 

Thank you.

David Breeden, President   

Ocean City Fairness in Taxes

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