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Letter to Editor; Former Ocean City School Superintendent Misconduct.

This is a letter to the editor that appeared in the Ocean City Sentinel, Wed, Sept. 27, 2023 regarding former school superintendent, Dr. Matthew Friedman. Subject – Former School Superintendent Misconduct and Ongoing Superintendent Search. The letter described unprofessional conduct of former school superintendent, Dr. Matthew Friedman along with strongly encouragement for allowing Dr. Lauren Gunther to compete in

School Superintendent Selection Process, Dr. Lauren Gunther

Letter to Ocean City Board of Education strongly recommending the district’s Director of Student Services, Dr. Lauren Gunther, be allowed to compete with the three finalist for the position of Ocean City School Superintendent along with describing unacceptable treatment of a valued district employee during the selection process.  Mr. Chris Halliday, President, Ocean City Board

Dr. Matthew Friedman Vacation Buy Out Check

Letter to Ocean City Board of Education emphasizing that the school superintendent is NOT entitled to a vacation buy out check due to deliberate and intentional manipulation of his attendance record along with providing examples of recent cases of public official attendance misconduct.  Mr. Chris Halliday, Board President. Ocean City Board of Education.Subject: Dr. Matthew

Friedman Work History Summary Update #1 — Tardiness, Starbucks, Parking Ticket

Dear Mr. Halliday: In the last correspondence directed to your attention, Ocean City Fairness in Taxes (FIT) discussed the troubling work history of former school superintendent Dr. Matthew Friedman. Clearly, a major concern of Dr. Friedman’s tenure is his unacceptable work attendance along with the many discrepancies in his attendance record. Based on FIT‘s comprehensive

Friedman Attendance Update #3

Good morning Mr. Halliday — Please find attached correspondence from Ocean City Fairness in Taxes (FIT) regarding Dr. Matthew Friedman’s attendance record while Superintendent. Consider this update #3 on his attendance record. Please note as a result of this letter and another discovery of an attendance record discrepancy, according to FIT calculations, Dr. Friedman owes the district

Friedman Work Attendance – Update #1

Please find attached a letter from Ocean City Fairness in Taxes (FIT) providing an update on Dr. Friedman’s work attendance record based on responses received yesterday from OPRA request from Ocean City and South Orange Maplewood School Districts. Again, the position of FIT is that Dr. Friedman is not entitled to a vacation buy out check, in

Dr. Friedman Attendance Reconciliation

Good morning Mr. Halliday, please find attached a letter from Ocean City Fairness in Taxes (FIT) regarding former school superintendent Dr. Matthew Friedman attendance. Based on this information, NO vacation buy out check should be issued to him as he exceeded his contractual leave allowances and an invoice should be prepared and sent to his

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