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OCEAN CITY COUNCIL MEETING AGENDA AND VIDEO for THURS, SEPT 14, 2023 – 6P.CITY HALL COUNCIL CHAMBERS. Ocean City Council Meetings. ORDINANCE: FIRST READING & INTRODUCTION:No. 23-23 – Bond Ordinance Appropriating $10,900,000.00 and Authorizing Issuance of $10,355,000.00 In Bonds and Notes of City of Ocean City For Various Improvements or Purposes Authorized To Be Undertaken

Public Comment Period for Capital Plan

Good morning Mr. Barr, Please find attached a letter from Ocean City Fairness in Taxes thanking you for adding an additional public comment period at the last city council meeting for the five year, $141 million capital improvement program. Your effort on behalf of the Ocean City taxpayer is greatly appreciated. Could you please make

FIT Asks Van Drew if Ocean City is Eligible for Federal Funds

Depending on federal funds from grant programs that don’t exist because laws that would establish grant funds, have not been approved, is not a sound financial plan. It is wishful thinking. In response, FIT, Fairness in Taxes President, David Breeden, sent a letter to Congressman Jeff VanDrew inquiring whether Ocean City would be eligible for federal

FIT Asks Barr: More Public Comment for Capital Improvement Plan

As a result of lack of public notification on the presentation of the city’s five year, $141 million capital improvement plan, FIT President David Breeden sent a letter to City Council President Bobby Barr requesting an additional public comment period at the next council meeting specifically to address the proposed capital plan. Council President Barr

Klause and Palmer Property Update

Quick update on Klause and Palmer Development property condemnation process. The city has deposited with the court the required funds for the acquisition of the properties through the condemnation process. Both property owners have petitioned the court for withdrawal of the funds in accordance with state law. Back in August, 2020, I prepared a lengthy

Mayor Gillian’s Update from 7/26

July 26, 2019 Dear Friends, City Council last night authorized a contract for ACT Engineers to develop a Flood Mitigation and Drainage Master Plan. The city has now completed major drainage projects in three of the island’s most flood-prone neighborhoods. We have invested more than $20 million in these efforts and learned a lot about

Does Ocean City NJ Need an Ethics Board?

I need help understanding the debate about the Ocean City Ethics Board. I understand the question: Is it a redundant waste of taxpayer dollars, or a community watchdog to hold elected legislators, administration officials, and city connected businesses accountable? No one disagrees with its purpose. But is it working? Mixed results may be a sign

Ocean City Mayor Gillian & Current Matters

As you’ll recall the City spent $2.1 million for the boardwalk lot purchase in June over our strenuous objections that we were paying too much. Initially described as 40 to 50 parking spaces it turned out to be 40. The new boardwalk lot is adjacent to an existing Ocean City Parking lot. The fence was

Ocean City Fireman / EMT Issue. Letter To Editor.

To the Editor: I hate to talk shop about my own profession, but I love to listen to other people talk about theirs. It’s like being introduced to a new world. The Council workshop on the Fireman/EMT issue was fascinating because we heard various perspectives on a given set of facts. Our City Council did

Open Letter to Jeff Van Drew, Nelson Albino, and Matthew Milam

The Honorable Dr. Jeff Van Drew, Senator The Honorable Nelson Albino, Assemblyman The Honorable Matthew W. Milam, Assemblyman 21 North Main Street. Cape May Court House, NJ 08210 Gentlemen: Your recent March 11, 2008 was most appreciated. Your 7-point plan is a small beginning to addressing the root cause of the continuing budget deficit. In

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