FIT Meeting Minutes from December 7, 2018

Fairness In Taxes

Meeting Minutes 12-07-18

Board Attendance:  Dave Breeden, Bill & Sheila Hartranft, Suzanne Hornick, Dave & Marie Hayes, Don Kerns, Donna

      Moore, Cindy Nevitt & Jim Tweed

Meeting opened with the Pledge of Allegiance at 7:00 P.M.

November Minutes – Motion made by Jim Tweed to approve the minutes, seconded by Bill Hartranft, carried unanimously.

Treasurer – Bill Hartranft

  • Bank Balance at 10/31/18 $24,738.00 with total expenses of $6,152.00.  Balance at11/30/18 is $20,203.00.
  • We have received several dues payments through Stripes on our website.  There is a charge of 2% per transaction for this service.
  • The website is very good.  Is there a way we can track how many hits the site receives?

Web Communications – Dave Hayes

  • Suzanne Hornick asked if there could be a place on the website specifically for environmental issues, and in addition to an OC Flooding area, a place for Coastal Keepers.  It was decided in the interests of maintaining the site that Coastal Keepers could be part of the flooding area.

OC Flooding – Suzanne Hornick

  • The city, to their credit, paid for color bands to be installed at specific locations to measure Mean Flood Levels.  Photos will be taken during events and sent to the DEP, along with other organizations involved in this issue to show where, when, why and how bad he occurrences are.  This could potentially lead to additional grants for mitigation and creating living shore line areas.

Revenue & Expenses – Dave Breeden

  • Resolution to purchase the lots at 16th-17th Streets was revoked without comment from the city.  When asked if there were any plans for the future regarding the property, the Mayor responded that they are re-negotiating.
  • New Jersey Fair Housing for affordable housing in all communities in New Jersey was established in the ‘80’s.  Ocean City agreed to provide $15m-to$20m to the local housing authority to provide for this.  Other communities do not pay any monites into their housing authority for this.  Why do we?  As a Federal Program should any monies be paid by local taxes for this purpose?  I believe the  housing authority is being mismanaged.  We need demand answers to these questions.  Perhaps it is time for another petition.
  • Cindy Nevitt asked if other communities are receiving grants for various projects, why isn’t Ocean City.
  • Bill Hartranft asked what actions are needed.
    Jim Tweed commented that David Hayes and Dave Breeden should move forward.  They now have some good leverage and credibility behind them.

Environmental – Donna Moore

  • There is a neighborhood group in the 3rd Street & Bay Avenue area interested in Living Shores in their area.
  • The zoning board continues to approve building that decreases permeable land.
  • I will attend the next Planning Board meeting, and I continue to work on documents on pesticides and their effect island-wide.

Guest Speakers – Marie Hayes

  • Waiting to hear back from our new Fire Chief, Ray Patton.  Have also put in a request to Patrick Kennedy of Brigantine to speak on the topic of legal marijuana.  Will keep everyone posted.
  • Also, will ask if a representative from the city would be interested in being a guest speaker.

Old Business

  • We got a good deal of press (3 articles in the Sentinel), after our success with the petition for referendum on the Klause property.
  • Welcome night was a positive experience.  Lots of feedback from people, most of which was very positive.

New Business

  • Plans for the Christmas party scheduled for Friday, 12/21 at 700 P.M. are moving along.  Will be held at Ocean Plaza, 2nd Floor, courtesy of Vic Staniec  Carlucci’s catering will provide the food at approximately $350.00.  Planning on approximately 20 people.  Cindy Nevitt asked why we were not using a local (OC) caterer in the interest of good will in the business community.  Marie Hayes explained that she knew the quality of the food with Carlucci’s and that they had given us a very good price for the buffet, including dessert, and that we would definitely consider an OC business in the future.
  • Dave Breeden motioned for an increase in annual dues from $15.00 to $20.00.  Seconded by Marie Hayes and carried unanimously.  Leo Burke asked if we had an operating budget in place?  Response— not at this time.
  • Based on recent legal expenses and projected expenses, it is felt that we need to have a Legal Fund Appeal and develop a letter of intent to all members.  We would need to set up a separate bank account for these funds.  There was a question about possible confusion as to what a check would be for if not clearly marked.  Sheila Hartranft suggested that if there is any doubt, call the member for verification.
  • On the issue of term limits, FIT is pro term limits for appointed local positions and will make that known.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 P.M

The next meeting will be Friday, January 4, 2019.

Respectively submitted by

Sheila Hartranft, Secretary

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