FIT Asks Van Drew if Ocean City is Eligible for Federal Funds

Depending on federal funds from grant programs that don’t exist because laws that would establish grant funds, have not been approved, is not a sound financial plan. It is wishful thinking.

In response, FIT, Fairness in Taxes President, David Breeden, sent a letter to Congressman Jeff VanDrew inquiring whether Ocean City would be eligible for federal funds to offset the cost of some of the city’s capital improvement work.

Sent: Tue, Aug 24, 2021
Subject: City of Ocean City – Federal Funding

Good afternoon Congressman Van Drew —

Please find accompanying this email a letter from the Ocean City Fairness in Taxes organization regarding federal funding for upcoming city capital improvement projects, namely the proposed $43.1 million Public Safety Complex. 

Being a retired local government official, I am familiar with the process of how a community goes about securing certain types of federal assistance and based on limited information, it appears that the city of Ocean City has not submitted proposals to your office to obtain federal funding for municipal capital projects.

If true, that will place the city at a distinct disadvantage with requesting federal dollars.

The attached correspondence expands on these thoughts and observations concerning the city’s ability to be eligible for certain types of federal funding.

Thank you.
David Breeden, President, Ocean City Fairness in Taxes.


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