Standing and Special Committees of Ocean City Fairness in Taxes

This is the list of Standing and Special Committees that was discussed at the June 7, 2019 FIT meeting. It was originally presented and approved on 3/1/2019.

Standing Committees of Ocean City Fairness in Taxes

(Appointed by the President and Approved by the Board)

  1. City Revenue and Expenditure Committee:
    1. Chair- Dave Breeden
    2. Members- Don Kerns, Donna Moore, Bill Hartranft, Dave Hayes, and Marie Hayes
  2. School Board Revenue& Expenditure Committee
    1. Chair- Vic Staniec
  3. Membership Committee
    1. Chair- Bill Hartranft
  4. Public Relations Committee
    1. Chair- Dave Hayes
    2. Member- Cindy Nevitt

Special Committee Appointees (Established as deemed necessary by the President)

  1. Speakers Committee
    1. Chair- Marie Hayes
  2. Environmental Committee
    1. Chair- Donna Moore

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