Sign Referendum to Stop Purchase of Klause Property

We are pushing forward with the petition for a referendum to stop the city’s purchase of the Klause Property for $9 million. We agree that it should be purchased, but not at the price the sellers are demanding.

To sign the petition you must be a registered voter in OC. (You can sign if you are renting in OC as long as you are a registered voter.)

Call Marie Hayes at (609)741-6581 and she will get a petition for you to sign.

If you have neighbors and/or friends who would like to sign, we ‘d love to give you petitions to circulate.

Come to the City Council meeting tomorrow night, 9/27/2018 at 7:00 PM and speak out about your concerns.

Call your City Council person and tell them not to spend $3 million more on this purchase than they should.

2 thoughts on “Sign Referendum to Stop Purchase of Klause Property”

  1. Unfortunately, I, as well as a substantial number of homeowners in OC, are unable to sign your petition, because we have no voting rights as “second home owners” on the island. Just imagine what a positive difference we would make if we, at least, had some voice and rights ( as in being able to sign a petition). Thank you for your good and honest intentions on behalf of all of us who love OC.

    1. Hi Joan,
      You can switch to register in OC and then switch back if there’s ever an election in which you are really interested. At any rate, we ARE here to fight for the rights of tax payers like you who cannot vote. We have a lot of momentum right now coming off our referendum win with the Klause property and it’s already changed the way the city treats us. The next big issue is already upon us and it involves Affordable Housing. The long and short of it is that the City thinks the taxpayers should have to foot the bill for $20 million of low income and elderly housing. This housing is run by the OC Housing Authority, completely separate from the OC government and in most towns, the Housing Authority has the ability to finance itself through bonds. Unfortunately, the OC Housing Authority has been horribly mismanaged in recent years and is financially insolvent. In 2015, Mayor Gillian decided against working with a developer who would have provided 120 units of housing for no cost to the taxpayers. FIT’s position is that OC taxpayers should not have to bail out the city for poor decisions and for the mismanagement of the Housing Authority. The City needs to find alternative means of financing and leave OC taxpayers alone!!!

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