Sign Referendum to Stop Purchase of Klause Property

We are pushing forward with the petition for a referendum to stop the city’s purchase of the Klause Property for $9 million. We agree that it should be purchased, but not at the price the sellers are demanding.

To sign the petition you must be a registered voter in OC. (You can sign if you are renting in OC as long as you are a registered voter.)

Call Marie Hayes at (609)741-6581 and she will get a petition for you to sign.

If you have neighbors and/or friends who would like to sign, we ‘d love to give you petitions to circulate.

Come to the City Council meeting tomorrow night, 9/27/2018 at 7:00 PM and speak out about your concerns.

Call your City Council person and tell them not to spend $3 million more on this purchase than they should.

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