President’s Q & A to City Council

The following are the answers to questions submitted to the Mayor and City Council and listed in our Spring/Summer Newsletter. Space does not permit repeating the questions along with the answers we have received. If you need to review the questions, please refer to the previous newsletter on our web site, And click on Newsletter Spring/Summer.


No new employee positions were added between 1-1-16 and 4-30-17. Full-time headcount is down by one. Titles and job descriptions do change to reflect the needs of the city. Overall, with any retirement or resignation, we assess the position and make a decision on the need for replacement. Any of the positions we replaced in the time period you described were head for head replacements.

With each retirement and budget cycle, the city administration looks for efficiencies and potential reductions that could result in savings to taxpayers. Some examples:

  • Three staff members related to public relations and information (public relations director, communications director and technical services coordinator) were replaced by two employees. Based on the skills, experience and productivity of two new hires, public information officer and special events coordinator positions were created. Net headcount change: Minus one.
  • With successful securing of a $57m beach replenishment project and addition of the south end to a regular Army Corp nourishment projects, Aide to the Mayor, Mike Dattilo retired. His position
    retained the same title with the new hire, Vince Berkier assuming a new job description; coordinating planning, zoning, public works, engineering and capital project operations. Net headcount
    change: Zero.
  • We had four firefighter retirements and four subsequent new hires. Net headcount change: Zero
  • We had three police department retirements and three subsequent new hires. Net headcount change: Zero.
  • We had two departures in the finance department and two subsequent new hires. Net headcount change: Zero
  • Beyond the example of Mr. Beckier we had four departures in the administration department (including city clerk) and four subsequent new hires. Net headcount change: Zero
  • Beyond the example above in public relations, we had one recreation retirement and one subsequent new hire in community services. Net headcount change: Zero.
  • Over this period we had a total of 10 departures in public works for a variety of reasons. We also had one position vacate originally in community services, but moved to public works. We had a corresponding hire of 11 new hires. Net headcount change: Zero.

All job descriptions are public record, and the city can easily provide any specific ones you request

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