Help Stop $9 Million Land Purchase of 1600 Haven by Ocean City Government

Despite the many questions and concerns raised by residents, on Thursday, September 13, 2018, City Council of Ocean City adopted ordinance 2018-10, which authorizes the city to spend 9 million dollars for the purchase of the old car dealership property located in the 1600 block of Simpson Avenue.

  • Many informed and educated residents feel that the purchase price of 9 million is excessive and that the city simply acquiesce to the demands of the seller without a second thought about the Ocean City taxpayer.
  • Additionally, the remaining properties in the area that the city wishes to acquire will use this inflated sales price as a comparison or “comp” which will only compound the insult to the wallets of the taxpayers of Ocean City.

The state of New Jersey provides a legal mechanism for citizens to challenge a bond ordinance adopted by a local government.

  • Since many questions surrounding this land purchase remain unanswered along with the disrespect demonstrated by city council President Pete Madden towards members of the public who questioned this purchase, there is a desire to commence with the process of challenging this bond ordinance and place it on a public referendum where taxpayers can decide if 9 million dollars is appropriate for this land purchase.
  • As the provisions of the process are being finalized, we would like to gauge the support for such a movement.
  • In order to participate, you must be a registered voter in Ocean City and be willing to sign a petition.
  • Time is of the essence as the state only permits a narrow window of opportunity to challenge a bond ordinance.
  • Please indicate your support for such a cause and let us know  if you would be interested in signing a petition or help get petitions signed.
  • Government that goes unchecked usually does not represent the interest of taxpayers so here is a real opportunity to express your displeasure with city government and in particular, with this 9 million dollar purchase of property.

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