Flooding Update 3.30.16

The town hall meeting of 3-30-16 was videotaped and is available to the public on line at www.ocnj.us/capital-projects-roadsand-drainage.

It’s hard to imagine what “Promise” you are talking about. The mayor has spoken repeatedly about the importance of communicating closely with the property owners who are stakeholders in any public project. Neighborhood meetings were a vital part of the Merion Park drainage project. Three different town hall meetings were held for the most recent drainage project, including an opportunity for property owners to meeting personally with engineers who could share specific street-level information on the design. Baker engineering interacted directly with many owners who had specific questions about their properties.

The neighborhoods in Ocean City that flood are well-known and we’re working with the best outside engineering consultants to fix the problems. Residents in the area of the north end pumping station will be included in similar meetings and communications.

Weekly updates on street access and parking will be available at www.ocnj.us/projectupdate.

City road construction work is permitted 7:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M., Monday thru Friday and 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Saturdays and legal holidays. The current project plans to work only Monday thru Friday; however, it is possible that Saturdays may be included later in the project.

The contractor will be responsible for cleaning up all public rights-of-way. Yes, landscaping will be part of the project.

The August presentation by Baker Engineering showed a plant palette. No substantial changes to the plan that was presented in August 2016.

Actual construction work, if uninterrupted, was anticipated to last about four months but will now extend into the fall as the city minimizes summer road work in the neighborhood for the benefit of our residents and guests. A general schedule has been made available at www.ocnj.us/projectupdate.

This information has been available on the city website since the last presentation. Most alleys in the project area will b graded and paved. No changes from designs shared in August 2016. Storm water in the area from 26th-34th Streets between West-Bay Avenues all flow to the same set of outfall pipes on the bay, and four new pumping stations are designed to greatly increase the rate of drainage from that entire basin. Thought of another way: A raindrop that falls on 27th-24th Street will flow through the same network of pipes that will be powered by the pump stations. Not all streets in the project area, however, will be repaved on this go-around. That will happen when new rounds of funding become available.

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