Congrats to FIT Members at the City Council Meeting!

Hi All,
I wanted to congratulate Dave Breeden, Marie Hayes., Donna Moore, Susan Cracovaner, and John Cracovaner for an excellent showing at the Council Meeting last night!
Dave and I had already met with Dottie and Frank Donato yesterday AM and got most of our questions answered.
Here are some takeaways from the meeting:
  1. Dave and I thanked Dottie McCrosson and Frank Donato for meeting with us yesterday morning and stated that FIT was analyzing the information the City provided. I said we were working with our attorney to come up with a position.
  2. The City now says the reason they turned down the deal in 2015 was that it lacked the “Hometown Feel”.
  3. Council elaborated on how much they care about the community and that they have to consider the needs of the residents. Marie countered, saying it was not out of the goodness of their heart that they were doing this project, but because it is a legal mandate. She told them they also have to be concerned with the taxpayers and that that’s who we represent and who council should be representing. Dave B. also stated that if they really cared so much, they would have accepted the deal on the table in 2015.
  4. Council passed the Housing Authority Bonding Ordinance 19-08, meaning the clock just started ticking down on our time to file a petition for a referendum.
  5. Dave B. commented on Resolutions 7 and 8, pointing out that the City totally mishandled the Art Chew situation, costing the taxpayers considerable money and are now having to spend more money to replace his services.
  6. Donna Moore’s pesticide signs were very effective and her cause was buttressed by a friend of FIT, Bill O’Neill who had paperwork from Animal Control on a dozen Brandt Geese that were found dead by the intermediate school. They were bleeding from the nose and mouth- a sign that they may have ingested pesticides…
  7. Donna and I questioned the City on Resolution 10, the Shooters Island project… The long and short of it is that is not a “restoration project” to protect the mainland as the City claims. It’s just a cheaper way to dump dredge spoils.
  8. Sue Cracovaner had a lengthy conversation with Bobby Barr and Antwone after the meeting, successfully arguing the FIT position on the Housing Authority.
We are getting great response from the email blast I sent out last week. I received several follow-up phone calls and emails from members. Interestingly, 30 minutes after I sent out the email blast, I got an online membership. We are getting over 100 hits a day on the Web site.
Dave Hayes

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