ANOTHER VIEW: A fourth-grader’s perspective on O.C.

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This letter was written by the granddaughter of Jim Tweed, former President of FIT. What a great endorsement of America’s Greatest Family Resort!

Posted: Wednesday, June 26, 2019 9:46 am

Have you ever been to Ocean City, New Jersey?  My family and I go every summer since I was born and it is awesome!  This is what I look forward to every summer because I get to spend quality time with my family.

To begin, I always get to spend time with my family especially with my grandparents!  Me and my grandpa (Pop Pop) always play cards and I always challenge him to games like croquet and golf.  Lastly we get to go kayaking. Whenever I go me and my grandma (Granna) always read out on the porch in the mornings.  We also watch the sunset on the deck!  I also get to spend tons of time with my sister, Leah.  She is always fun to hang out with and is like a best friend to me.  We get to go to the boardwalk which is like a mall but outside and it is right by the beach. We bring our money and go shopping but I just look at the stuff.  She is the one who shops!  Leah and I always get ice cream when we go walking on the beach and put our feet in the water while we eat ice cream!  Another thing I do with my family is I get to spend time with my parents.  My dad and I always play soccer in the backyard.  My mom and I read outside and watch the birds chirp in the trees.  Also my uncle (Uncle Nathan) and I play cards and play soccer a lot.  Almost every day my whole family goes to the beach and play.  It is so fun!  Usually in the mornings we go for a bike ride and it is so pretty to see the beach in the mornings!  Sometimes we even play a few games of Hearts.

Next we always go to the Boardwalk and to this place called “Kohr Brothers,” and they have the best soft serve ice cream you could ever dream of!!  There are so many flavors like Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry Banana, Mint, don’t forget Rocky Road.  There are so many flavors I could name but not enough time.  We also  go to a popcorn store, Johnson’s Popcorn.  Every time we go, we get the largest size there is and they have a lot of flavors like Normal Popcorn, Caramel, and White Cheddar.  We always get caramel and watch the sunset on the beach. Then we take the rest home and we eat inside or usually go on the deck in our PJ’s and eat on the deck and talk about our day.  On some mornings we get donuts and bring them home and get orange juice and eat our donuts on the deck.  Every Saturday we make pancakes together and it is so fun!  We each do our part and it always comes out really good.  I usually mix the batter and grill them.  Sometimes we lick the batter!  My grandma makes the batter.  My mom and dad usually get the orange juice.  My grandpa makes bacon and Taylor Pork Roll or sausage (sometimes all three).

Sometimes our family does some excursions!  We always go to two different amusement parks on the Boardwalk, Castaway Cove and Gillian’s.  It is so fun!  Usually we just go on the same rides that we always go on.  Don’t get me wrong they are SUPER fun!  There was this ride that takes a lot of tickets- like a lot a lot!  So my sister and I made a ginormous decision.  We said that we would spend the last of our tickets on the ride.  The ride was huge!  It went up and down, upside down, and really really fast.  It goes so high that when my sister and I were on the boardwalk it was above the fog!  The ride was amazing!  We also went parasailing which was AWESOME!  We went five hundred feet in the air.  Me and my sister and Granna (My Grandma) went together!  Our feet touched the water and it was freezing.  I leaned so far back in my seat it felt like I was falling.  I was almost upside down!!  It was very breezy and it felt so good when I was coming down my feet were tickled by the waves!

In summary when we are together I feel a connection that is special.  It makes me feel happy when I am with my family.  I can’t wait to go again this summer!  I hope you enjoyed reading.

Katie Dusek of La Quinta, Calif., wrote this as part of a fourth-grade assignment and sent it to her grandfather, a resident of Ocean City, who passed it along to the Sentinel.

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